Friday, May 24, 2013

Feature and Follow #2

 Gain New Blog Followers

 I love this blog hop - Week 2 for me! Here is the question of the day:

Q: The #FF is 150 weeks old! And we want to hear from you! What would you change about the hop? What do you like about it? Or just suggest a question to be used for next week!

Being fairly new to this hop, I am really enjoying it and can't really see anything that I would change. It is one of my favorites, and I love finding other new blogs to follow, as there are so many out there!


  1. Welcome! HAHAH New follower via GFC

    My FF

  2. Great answer! I'm fairly new as well :)
    New follower, check out my FF at

  3. My answer is the same!No change is necessary :)
    new gfc follower
    here's our FF

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  4. Again, same here! I love the hop as it is so far. Welcome to your second round of F&F btw! New follower.

    Starry Storm

  5. Nice answer(: New GFC follower!


  6. I feel the same way!

    New follower via Bloglovin!
    My FF

  7. Your blog is awesome! I'm a new follower. Please visit mine: