Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Publishing Journey by Ginger Marks, author of Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom


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My Publishing Journey
As I reflect on how I came to write Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom I think back more than ten years. My life before then had gone through a major upheaval. This resulted in a new living and working environment.

I had been widowed and since my late husband and I had owned and run a successful surgical clinic prior I lost not only my income, but my home, and way of life. Pulling myself out of depression and despair, I used my entrepreneurial skills to start again while working in the corporate sector. On my off-time I offered my design skills to small-business owners through my newly formed design firm.

Throughout my business career, I discovered the benefit of writing and in 2005 began writing business and personal growth articles. Then in 2009 I wrote my first book, Presentational Skills for the Next Generation. This book is still available in its Third Edition for those business owners whom have a desire to expand into the speaking arena.

After nearly ten years writing on business topics, I had penned over 150 articles. These articles covered topics related to business ownership, such as planning and development, marketing, and design.
As I began pulling them all together into one document for safe keeping I was reminded of the depth and breadth of the wise counsel in the myriad of topics. This is when I made the decision to turn these articles into an e-book and make it available to business owners like you.

Since I am an established publisher and designer, I have the talent, skill, and resources to design and publish my own work, as well as that of others. When it came time to begin seeking testimonial reviews, it was brought to my attention that my e-book needed to be in print. Thus, Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom is available in both print and all digital formats.



GingerMarks_authorphotoIn 2005, Ginger completed her first business book, Presentational Skills for the Next Generation. Soon after which, she established her publishing company, DocUmeant Publishing. She is an award winning publisher and internationally known designer. Ginger is the CEO and Founder of CALOMAR, LLC which is the parent company to three successful businesses, DocUmeant.net, DocUmeant Designs, and DocUmeant Publishing. In 2013 she was named by Covington Who’s Who as Entrepreneur of the Year and her design firm is among the Highest Rated firms at DesignFirms.org which lists over 20,000 designers, developers & marketing professionals. DocUmeant.net offers editing and writing services; DocUmeantDesigns.com, as you would guess, focuses on designs ranging from websites to book covers & layouts to buttons and business stationary needs; while DocUmeantPublishing.com’s focus was begun with the self-published author in mind. During her entrepreneurial career she has owned and operated a surgical clinic, a bar-b-que restaurant, and held several sales positions including that as a License Financial Advisor. This experience is what enables her to speak on various aspects of business ownership. Ginger is a member of DesignFirms, AAPS (Association of Authors and Publishers), IBPA (International Book Publishers Association), DBW (Digital Book World), and FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association). In 2012 she was awarded VIP membership to Covington Who’s Who and her publishing company, DocUmeant Publishing, was awarded the 2012 New York Award in the Publishing Consultants & Services category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA). Currently she resides in Clearwater, Florida with her husband Philip who works beside her as her copy editor. You can visit her website at Ginger Marks' Books
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