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Interview with Julie Rowe, author of 'Molly Gets Her Man


Molly Gets Her Man RoundTitle: Molly Gets Her Man
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Author: Julie Rowe
Publisher: Entangled Ignite
Pages: 163
Language: English
Format: Ebook

 When flaky Las Vegas hairdresser Molly McLaren overhears hears a Russian hit man planning to kill a US congressman and take out Hoover Dam in the process, she becomes a target for murder. Now, on the run from the assassin and a dirty cop, she winds up in an eighteen wheeler with an ex-cop sporting a bum leg, a bad attitude, and a body built for loving. Grey Wilson just wanted to be left alone. No more Las Vegas. No more casinos. And no more floozy women like the one his best friend sent him to pick up on the side of the road. She talks fast, but her endless curves and sensuous nature make him want to slow down. Which is not in the cards. Grey knows he needs to unload his excess baggage. And quick. But when someone tries to kill the Vegas beauty, Molly captures his heart with her backbone of steel, and brains to boot. Now in order to grasp the future that had once seemed impossible, Molly and Grey need to keep Hoover Dam, the congressman, and their love from being blown sky-high.



What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life?
My two beautiful and talented daughters.
How has your upbringing influenced your writing?
My mom was and is an avid reader. I grew up stealing her Harlequin romances when she wasn’t looking and reading them in secret.
When and why did you begin writing?
I wrote poetry and short stories when I was young, but didn’t start my first novel until after my first child was born. A friend dared me to write a book, and I did it!
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
I love to read and, for me, that transitioned into a desire to write stories of my own.
When did you first know you could be a writer? 
High school – I won a poetry contest. J
What inspires you to write and why?
Every day things inspire me. I often ask the “what if” question. What if someone chose to do that instead of this? That sort of thing. If someone says something funny, smart or cute I often think of how fun it would be to include it in a story. Then my brain starts creating the story on the spot.
What genre are you most comfortable writing?
Romance, of course, but for subgenre, it would contemporary romance or romantic suspense, though I do have a special fascination with World War One.
What inspired you to write your first book?
I was dared to do it.
Who or what influenced your writing once you began?
I joined RWA and a few of its online chapters. I met several people in those chapters who became my critique partners, mentors and friends. Fifteen years later, we’re still critique partners, mentors and friends.
What do you consider the most challenging about writing a novel, or about writing in general?
Writing is hard work. Anyone who tells you different either hasn’t written an entire novel or has been eating some really “special” brownies. Charles Bukowski said it best: Don’t ever write a novel unless is hurts like a hot turd coming out.
Did writing this book teach you anything and what was it?
I learn something new every day from writing. This book taught me that communication is much more complex that most people realize and not communicating can get a person in a lot of trouble!
Do you intend to make writing a career?
Not really. I started writing on dare, but once I finished that first one, I just had to write another, and so on.
Have you developed a specific writing style?
I write fast paced, action focused stories about grief, loss and living with post traumatic stress disorder.
What is your greatest strength as a writer? 
This is a tough question. A lot of possible answers came and went through my mind, but I think the best one is: persistence. The persistence to write about things that make me feel uncomfortable and the persistence of my characters to face emotionally dangerous situations – and come through whole at the end.
What is your favorite quality about yourself?
I like helping other people in whatever it is they want to succeed at in their life.
What is your least favorite quality about yourself?
I have a hard time saying the word “no”.
What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?
You don’t concentrate on risks.  You concentrate on results.  No risk is too great to prevent the necessary job from getting done. – Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager.

General Yeager was a test pilot and the first man to break the sound barrier.  I think this quote is a damn good way to live life.


Julie Rowe Rounded A double Golden Heart finalist in 2006, Julie Rowe has been writing medically inclined romances for over ten years. She's also a published freelancer with articles appearing in The Romance Writer's Report, Canadian Living, Today's Parent, Reader's Digest (Canada) and other magazines. Julie is an active member of RWA and its subchapters, Heartbeat RWA, Calgary RWA, The Golden Network, Hearts Through History and RWA Online. She coordinates Book In A Week, and online workshops for Heartbeat and Calgary RWA. Julie is now teaching for Keyano College in her home city of Fort McMurray, AB, Canada. She teaches a variety of workshops for the Workforce Development department at Keyano College. Julie enjoys teaching and volunteering, and is a passionate promoter of life-long learning. She's the owner/moderator of the Announce Online Classes email loop, which promotes online classes hosted by a large number of writing organizations, for writers on a wide variety of topics and skill levels, taught by some of publishing's best writers and writing instructors.



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