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Interview with Nicolette Day, author of Tempted by the Soldier - Win a Hero Necklace and a $25 Victoria's Secret Gift Card!



Title: Tempted by the Soldier
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Nicolette Day
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Pages: 169
Language: English
Format: Ebook

  When one touch isn’t enough, why resist?

 Road trips are supposed to be fun. Or, at least, full of hot sex. For photographer Lilly Grayson, the fifteen-hour drive to her friend’s wedding with Nate Jennings will be neither. Not that Nate isn’t sexy—the man is six-foot-three-inches of mouth-watering Marine. But Lilly’s been there, done that…and he walked away. Now it’s time for a little payback. The kind that’ll make a man desperate for a taste of what he can’t have. And Nate wants a taste—so badly that he can barely keep his hands on the wheel. But the scars and ghosts of his last tour still haunt him. He can’t give into temptation, not this time. Lilly deserves a whole man—one who can love her the way she deserves to be loved, even if she doesn’t believe it can happen. And that can’t be Nate. Not when he’s leaving again in two weeks, and this time, he’s not sure he’ll return…



What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life?
Nicolette: Aside from becoming a mother to two amazing little boys and surviving it, lol… I would have to say becoming a published author. That has been the dream for as long as I’ve been able to dream, so to finally be here is a pretty amazing feeling.
How has your upbringing influenced your writing?
Nicolette: My mother has always been a lover of books and she taught me how important reading was at a young age. When I was home sick, she didn’t turn on the T.V. Instead she read me J.R. Tolkien and Robert Frost. Some kids make up stories and their parents discourage that. Mine bought me a journal and said, write it down.
When and why did you begin writing?
Nicolette: I wrote my first poem when I was in the third grade and I never stopped. I always loved the way books made me feel, the escape they gave me in a tiny house full of younger siblings. And I always wanted to recreate that feeling for someone else. That’s always the goal when I sit down to write. If I can’t make the reader feel something, if I don’t feel something when writing it, then I didn’t do what I set out to do.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
Nicolette: I was obsessed with weather when I was a kid, and living in tornado ally in Oklahoma, there was never a shortage of that. Our local meteorologist held a contest for kids to draw pictures of his weather pig. (Yes. He had a pet pig that he claimed helped predict the weather, lol.) I couldn’t draw, so I wrote a poem about his weather predicting pig. I won the contest and he put it on the air. I was hooked from that day forward.
When did you first know you could be a writer? 
Nicolette: I guess I always had the want and the drive to be a writer growing up, but it finally felt like a reality when I got my first writing job for a local newspaper as a staff writer. My second story made the front page of the paper. That was a big moment for me.
What inspires you to write and why?
Nicolette: Lots of things inspire the stories I write. Everything from other books, music, documentaries, and even places I visit.
What genre are you most comfortable writing?
Nicolette: I’d have to say adult category romance. I’m a sucker for romance, so writing for the Brazen imprint has been a blast for me.
What inspired you to write your first book?
Nicolette: I started many first books, but I finally got the motivation to finish one after my second son was born. I can’t really pinpoint what it was that even made me want to write that story, but it was one of those ideas that you just have to write. So I stopped making excuses, and I did.
Who or what influenced your writing once you began?
Nicolette: Other amazing books I’ve read. I read everything I can get my hands on, at least two books a week usually. As a writer, that is the best way I can spend my free time. It’s fuel for the mind.
What do you consider the most challenging about writing a novel, or about writing in general?
Nicolette: For me the answer to this is time management. I have two small kids, and I’m on my own with them a lot of the time. So, it’s always a challenge for me to give them what they need from me, and at the end of the day, carve out that time and say, “Okay. It’s time to go to work, and we aren’t stopping until we get X amount of words written.”
Did writing this book teach you anything and what was it?
Nicolette: I always try to walk away from a book knowing more than when I began and Tempted by the Soldier was no exception. With Nate being a search and rescue pilot in the Marines, there was a lot of research I had to do to get all of the details right.
Do you intend to make writing a career?
Nicolette: I am lucky enough that writing is my current and only career. I write full time, and am so thankful that I get to do what I love. And I get to work in my pajamas. That’s always a plus, lol.
Have you developed a specific writing style?
Nicolette: Yes. My writing style has always been very lyrical, and my YA voice still is. I had to find a happy medium with my adult books.
What is your greatest strength as a writer? 
Nicolette: I’d say being able to write realistic characters and dialog.
What is your favorite quality about yourself?
Nicolette: I don’t take life too seriously. It’s good to remember to have fun sometimes and be silly. I like that at 32 years old, I still haven’t forgotten that.
What is your least favorite quality about yourself?
Nicolette: I am the world’s worst procrastinator!
What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?
Nicolette: My favorite quote is actually a Dr. Seuss quote:

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”


 A mom by day and a romance writer by night, Nicolette Day harbors a weakness for black and white mochas and books that steam up her Kindle screen. She grew up in a one stoplight town where she once upon a time she only dreamed of becoming a writer. Now she lives in a slightly larger town in North Carolina where they have at least three stoplights. If you love young adult romance, check out Nicolette’s alter ego, TaraFuller!




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