Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ghost Sanctuary by Becky J Book Review


Title: Ghost Sanctuary
Genre: Non-fiction paranormal/occult
Author: Becky J
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pages: 166
Language: English
ISBN - 978-1-49180-336-3

Ghost Sanctuary is a factual accounting of a family’s struggle with ghosts living in their home. The book explains in detail the happenings faced by the family and their reaction to the invasion of the spirit realm into their own. The book contains fascinating photo and video evidence of what the family has and continues to experience. The author identifies how her own belief in God and the afterlife has helped her to overcome and understand the trials and tribulations of her family’s ordeal.

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My Review

I have always been interested in the paranormal. I love shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventurers, Long Island Medium - you name it, I'll watch it. I was born in the caul and am not sure if I have the gift of 'sight' like is rumored - maybe a little too much of a Type A personality and not open enough to it. But, when I had the opportunity to read Ghost Sanctuary, I couldn't wait to jump in.

What would you do if you had ghosts/spirits in your house? This book is their story - a story of 10 years living with ghosts and the details surrounding their ordeal. Were the spirits good? Bad? There were some of each, but thankfully they were able to remove the negative spirits and learned how to adapt to the other activity they experienced.

Whether you have experienced paranormal or not, this book is extremely interesting. Maybe you have energy in your house and don't even know its there.



Becky J. is an equestrian lover and spends her days in Western activities, teaching, riding, training, and breeding horses. For more information about her unusual nonfiction tale, please visit

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