Monday, December 15, 2014

Interview with Lee Papa, author of The Temple of All Knowing

Lee Papa’s start in the corporate world was in sales for the Hyatt Regency Hotel chain, which led to being head hunted by a NY based real estate developer. Lee spent the next 11 years as a key employee working in commercial real estate leasing and management in Baltimore, Maryland. Although, commercial real estate was now in her blood and she loved the art of the deal, a different road in the industry was presenting itself and that brought her to heading up the benchmarking division for a Los Angeles based real estate consulting firm. Her job had her traveling nationally and setting up programs to benchmark customer satisfaction. Understanding there was not a one shoe fits all approach to customer surveying, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and started with consulting to serve the customized needs of her clients.
Lee’s first book, The Temple of All Knowing, is a memoir of her several years journey prior to her near death experience, through the completion of the 6,000 square foot Ganesha Center in Las Vegas. The book details the roadmap from personal darkness through spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. 
Since the completion of the manuscript the Las Vegas Sanctuary for the Spirit evolved by moving to a downtown Las Vegas location and now offers targeted classes and workshops while focusing on a Virtual Ganesha Center supporting individuals and corporations with programs and a Referral Network with expansive reach for optimal awareness.

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About the Book:

The Temple of All Knowing is a memoir of one woman’s passage from personal and professional turmoil to spiritual awakening. A compelling straight forward and sometimes humorous account of the most personal of journeys as this 40-something woman finds herself in Sin City with promise of a new life, new husband and elderly mother living with her. She instead is uncovered as a central character in the deepest of possible challenges only to break through to discover her authentic spiritual self through a near death experience and a personal mission in Soul CityLas Vegas.

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Q: Thanks for stopping off at I'm Shelf-ish, Lee.  Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to write THE TEMPLE OF ALL KNOWING?

Thank you.

In Sept 2008 I went to the Light.  I had a near death experience.  Not by the hand of an accident or horrible disease, no my earth departing culprit was my words.

Q: Did you hit on any challenges writing this book?

The only difficulty was finding the block of time to write.  I am not one of those disciplined writers, I have many projects going at a time and with my teaching and private practice and being a mom, finding the time was the hardest bit. I write from my heart.  I quiet myself with a brief meditation and allow the flow of inspiration to come.

Q: How did you get it published?

I chose to self-publish.  It made the most sense for a new author and the type of book.  I already had a platform and a following.  It is a memoir but it is so much more than that.  It is hope and inspiration.  It is healing.  I was not aspiring to make a ton of money on this book but rather my goal is to get it in the hands of who needs it.

Q: Do you have other books you've written?

I have started my second book, actually, two second books.  I am not sure which one will make it first.  A children’s book with my son, about seeing spirits.  And another based on my extraordinary journey to Peru in 2013. It was a terrifying and transformative experience.

Q: What kind of message does your book have that you want to tell our readers?

·        Everything we need is within us.
·        There is no death.  Only life and life.
·        Our thoughts, words and actions are powerful and create our realities.
·        There is nothing that you are not enough of.

Is that too many?  I have more…LOL. 
Q: Do you have any final words?

Thank you for this opportunity to share the message of my book, The Temple of All Knowing with your audience. Motivational/inspirational speaking engagement inquiries or book signings should be forwarded to

I’ll leave you with this, “With change comes transformation…be open to the possibilities.” Lee Papa


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