Monday, March 14, 2016

Book Review: The Well Path by Jame Hesket, M.D.

Title: The Well Path
Date Published: March 8, 2016
Publisher: Harper Wave
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover
Source: TLC Book Tours


Lose twenty pounds and reverse the aging process in just sixty days with this clinically proven, holistic lifestyle plan from an anti-aging expert whose clients include some of New York City’s most successful women.

Most diets don’t work because they restrict food intake and put inconsistent physical stress on the body, starving cells, throwing hormones out of whack, and slowing down metabolism. In The Well Path, Dr. Jamé Heskett offers us a radical new approach: In order to lose weight, we first have to heal the damage we’ve done to our bodies from years of dieting. Before we can lose weight for good, we need to achieve homeostasis—total balance in the body, with all its systems working in concert. When you're there, you’re full of energy, look and feel younger, and lose weight effortlessly.

The Well Path is her sixty-day plan to get you there. Dr. Heskett provides a detailed week-by-week and day-by-day calendar of small changes and challenges to get you on your own Well Path. You begin with Well Prep, a month-long period to get you acclimated to simple lifestyle changes. The second month is devoted to Well Practice, a roadmap to homeostasis that focuses on six areas of CHANGE:

Circulation—improving the vascular system gets rid of stored fat and toxins

Hunger—learning to identify real and false hunger to avoid overeating

Activity—non-exercise activity that can burn hundreds of extra calories

Nutrition—a diverse array of nutrients (especially fiber) to improve gut absorption and balance hormones

General Health—the importance of sleep, sex, stress, and social interaction

Exercise—Dr. Heskell’s code for maximum fat-for-energy exercise conversion

The Well Path will take you from sickness to health, fat to fit, and old to young—in just sixty days. 

I almost never give a book 5 stars, it has to be really something special to get this rating from me. And this is just that kind of book. It came in the mail and I normally am so busy I don't even look at a book right away because I know that I won't be able to read it. I was at the dining room table, sitting across from my husband, and kept reading more and more of it to him. It just make so much sense to me.

Let me start out by saying that not only am I out of shape, I am also a Buddhist. So, to find a book that looks at more than just diet was very important. And, the author tells you there is no reason to give up anything, there are things you can add to your favorite foods to make them healthier and make you fuller in the process.

The way the books is written is very easy to follow and doesn't dump everything on you at one time. She eases you into her method and it just all flows and makes so much sense, at least to me. I started my morning with some warm lemon water, the first things she discusses. And many things I had heard of before but some I was extremely intrigued by. Like dry brushing your body and laying with your feet in the air at night - trust me, this is something you need to read about.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - one of the best books I have ever read. 

Jamé Heskett M.D. (founder / Medical Director) fights the aging process both inside and out. As a wife, a mother of three children, Dr. Heskett has spent her 24 year career focused on women’s health and longevity issues. She intimately understands the needs of women in their pursuit of well-being and preservation of youthful vitality. Today’s woman is looking for health and beauty solutions that are gentle, highly effective, have minimal downtime, and natural results. Through the most advanced proven technologies and 20 years of experience, Dr. Heskett is able to provide her clientele a comprehensive strategy or “Path” to suit their individual needs.

Dr. Heskett received her medical degree from The George Washington University and completed her post-graduate residency training at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. There she spent additional years learning the practice of Homeopathy and Naturopathy which she integrates into her practice today. Thirteen years ago she founded The Wellpath on Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side of NYC.

She is known both domestically and internationally as an expert on non-invasive body and face treatments. Her unique strategies using cutting edge technology to harness the body’s natural anti-aging processes has made her the go-to for the top companies producing aesthetic equipment. Having been featured on 3 segments of the Dr. Oz show, she is honored to be a Dr. OZ Sharecare Expert Medical Contributor. You will find her often quoted in health and beauty articles in New York magazine, W, Self, Shape, Redbook and many others. Dr. Heskett is frequently invited to introduce new technologies or products on television and radio shows like Good Morning America, Fox, CBS news, Telemundo, The New Yorkers,  and QVC.

Dr. Heskett’s goal with each client is understanding what will make them the happiest and most productive person they can be.  She often says “My mission is to free people from the distraction of their insecurities so they can focus fully on what is really important to them. Helping people stay on a positive, progressing health and fitness path is incredibly rewarding. It makes me happy!”


  1. Hi Tracee! Thank you so much for your thoughtful read and poignant comments. I am so glad it resonated with you and that it encouraged you to take that first step.
    In health
    Dr. Jamé

  2. I'm fascinated by just the tidbit of the book that you shared in your review. I'm currently working on my own weight loss, so a book that looks at the big picture sounds really appealing right now.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.