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Interview with LaVera Edick, author of Four Score and More



Inside the Book:

Four Score and More

Title: Four Score and More 
Author: LaVera Edick 
Publisher: Trafford 
Genre: Biography 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Statement from Author I was born in 1925. This is my story of growing up on a farm and following the oft-times bumpy road of life. It is the story of my family and ancestors, those pioneers who cut the trails and paved the roads for our journey through life. Several major events helped shape the lives and attitudes of those born before 1940. It was a struggle raising a family in the thirties: not only was the nation in a financial crisis, Mother Nature was in an ugly mood. When people reminisce, they often talk about the “good times” they had during the “bad times.” There was a shortage of money but an abundance of love and family togetherness. A product of hardy pioneer stock, at an early age, I gained satisfaction from a hard day’s work well done. From managing a trucking business and selling brushes, I became first lady of an insurance company and pursued my dreams of becoming an artist. Statement from Jackie Glen, editor: If your grandparents, great-grandparents and their relatives lived in the 1800’s and early 1900’s in the Midwest, you will want to read this book that describes in detail what life was like on the farm. Personal anecdotes about the author and her family will put you in stitches or bring you to tears, but every tale will cause you to wonder how our ancestors survived. Their stories of hard work, sacrifice, and determination not only will remind you of where you came from, but provide a road map of the future.

“Flanked by the colorful stories of several generations before and after her, Edick shares her life journey through the often turbulent, historically and personally, 20th century – a genuine, heartfelt memoir.” –US REVIEW of BOOKS

The Interview:

Has your upbringing influenced your writing?

Yes, my upbringing has influenced my writing. My parents made it possible for me to visit a local library and check out books. I learned to and loved to read at a very early age. My first grade teacher was an inspiration. My Dad loved to read ijnd always had a book in his hands when he sat down in the evening.

When and why did you begin writing?

I began writing short stories when I was a college student at age 40.

What do you consider the hardest thing about writing?

The hardest part about writing a memoir is finding the right words to put across an unpleasant happening and not hurt anyone in the process.

Do you intend to make writing a career?

A good question-at age 90 my writing could be called a "late life career"

Do you have a specific writing style?

I prefer non-fiction,a true life story.

Meet the Author:

LaVera and her faithful canine companion, a Westie named Tousie, are snowbirds these days. They spend their summers in Bismarck, North Dakota, and winters in Mesa, Arizona.


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