Thursday, September 6, 2018

Guest Post from Brenda Drake, author of Seeking Fate


Fate changer Daisy Layne is nervous about searching Europe for a firstborn son doomed to die on his eighteenth birthday. But she’s the only one who can save him. No pressure or anything. She needs the help of guide Andrei Vasile, who she’s been talking to online for two years. Still, meeting him in person…that’s a whole different story.

Andrei is determined to keep Daisy safe, even if touching her could kill him. At least, that’s what his family has told him about fate changers like Daisy. She’s strong and beautiful, and it’s his job to keep her alive. Unfortunately, what she doesn’t know could kill her.

Save a life. End a curse. And never, ever get too close…

Seeking Fate (The Fated #3) by Brenda Drake
Publication Date:  September 3, 2018
Publisher:  Entangled Teen 

Why You’ll Love this book

The Top Five Reason You’ll Love This Book

  1. The heroine: Daisy Layne is the youngest of the Layne sisters. She can change anyone’s fate with a touch of a tarot card, but at a cost. Changing fates is killing her. She’s tied to an ancient curse that kills the Van Buren’s firstborn sons, her sister’s fiance’s family. She’s determined to find the final heir and stop the curse. She’s empathetic to others’ struggles and wants to save everyone to the point of risking her own life.

  1. The hero: Andrei Vasile is not only every girl's fantasy of European male with dark hair and eyes and broad shoulders, but he’s also caring. There’s a scene where he visits his mother’s grave and speaks to her that is sweet and heartbreaking. We get to see that softer side of him. He just wants to protect Daisy from a threat she isn’t aware of.

  1. The romance: Daisy and Andrei have been online friends for two years. When they finally meet, they’re awkward and don’t know how to act around each other. As they reconnect, their feelings for one another builds and they have many special moments. My favorite one is when Andrei plays the viola for Daisy.

Arm muscles tensing and relaxing as he played, dark lashes forming crescent moons under his closed eyes, he swayed to the music he was creating. The delicate melody drew her to him, connected them, soothed her. He breathed out, she breathed in.

  1. Europe: The search to find the final cursed heir leads Daisy and Andrei on a journey from Amsterdam through Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and back to Amsterdam.

  1. Magic: Daisy can change anyone’s fate with a touch of a tarot card.

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