Friday, January 10, 2020

Book Review: The Day God Wore a Hard Hat by Jonathan James


Inside the Book:

Title: The Day GOD Wore a Hard Hat
Author: Jonathan James
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Fiction
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Paul Reynolds is a nineteen-year-old college student when he meets what he believes is the perfect woman. But as one night of passion transforms into just friendship, her sister, Lisa, eventually becomes his first love.

After Paul and Lisa marry and begin building a life together, all their grand plans are destroyed when she unexpectedly dies. Left grieving and fearing he will lose everything, Paul is saved from financial ruin when he agrees to provide shelter to Rommel, a Latino gang member set to testify in a future murder trial. Paul, who initially thinks Rommel is a useless hoodlum, soon discovers that opposites attract. But as quickly as Paul and Rommel fall in love, their relationship ultimately disintegrates, leaving Paul to seek normalcy within a passionless marriage. As Paul pursues lust elsewhere, his wife becomes pregnant, causing Paul to realize she has given him what he has always wanted: a family. But as tragedy strikes once again, Paul is left with an agonizing decision with the potential to alter the course of his life forever.

In this contemporary romance, a man desperately searching for love is led on a unique journey where life comes full circle and leads him to discover the importance of always following his heart.

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This book was quite enjoyable. This is not normally something that I would read, but I have decided that this new year (and decade) I was going to open my mind and read things a little outside of my comfort zone.

While a fiction book, this was so well written that you could almost feel as if it was non-fiction - a true testament to the authors writing ability.

Paul was an extremely well written character, and following his life through tragedy and happiness, I felt as if I was following a close friend on his journey. The author has a talent for weaving a complicated tale of emotions, but one that keeps you reading and will leave you satisfied at the end. 

Jonathan James is an average young man who has experienced more than his share of both love and tragedy. His debut novel is loosely based on his own life, loves, and losses. Jonathan lives in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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