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First Chapter Reveal: Night Terror by Jeff Gunhus

Title: Night Terror
Author: Jeff Gunhus
Publisher: Seven Guns Press
Pages: 400
Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Horror
Format: Kindle

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Ten years after her abduction and near-sacrifice to the Source, Sarah Tremont struggles to be a normal teenager. As much as she’s tried to suppress the power inside of her, it’s grown dangerously strong and has drawn the attention of those who want to possess her power for themselves.

The nightmare that she thought was long over starts again as powerful forces descend upon Prescott City to seek her out. With her parents and Joseph Lonetree’s help, Sarah must stand up to an evil much more powerful than the one she faced in the caves a decade earlier. But in the end, she discovers the greatest danger might come from the power living inside of her.

First Chapter:

Charlie Winters didn’t scream. Not because the pain had stopped, because it hadn’t. Every nerve in his body was still on fire, bursting with electric signals to his brain that the bag of meat, sinew, and bone that was supposed to protect it was being systematically destroyed. Pound by pound, his flesh was eaten. Ounce by ounce, his blood was guzzled down.

His screams stopped only because his vocal cords were raw and bloody and had ceased to function. None of the dozen or so attackers had bothered to silence him when they started the feast, and Charlie had screamed and screamed until he could do so no more.

Even with his throat filled with blood, he still tried to cry out, expelling a spray of red mist. The men feasting near his head enjoyed this and breathed in the vapors of his bloody exhalation. One of the men’s thick fingers dug into Charlie’s left eye socket and scooped out his eyeball, giving a quick yank to pop it loose from the strand of nerves attached to it. Charlie felt another man put his lips around the empty socket and suck hard at the juices inside his head. Nails clawed at and then ripped off the small pad of meat on his cheek, a delicacy on ten-year-old boys as much as it was on suckling pigs.

Charlie closed his eyes and begged for death.

An hour earlier he had been a regular boy, just like anyone else.

But then again, he knew that wasn’t really true. He’d never been like anyone else. And now it had finally cost him.

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Interview with David Bernstein, author of I've Got Some Good News and Some Bad News: You're Old

Title: I've Got Some Good News and Some Bad News: You're Old Author: David Bernstein
Publisher: Dynamic Learning
Pages: 202
Genre: Health/Fitness
Format: Paperback/Ebook

 Life is an aging process. Each of us will go through it in our own way. How we lead our lives when we are old, particularly as we near the end, is, I believe, worth pondering. In this way, "I've Got Some Good News and Some Bad News: You're Old" serves as a guide for all of us as we age, providing topics for contemplation and discussion with friends, family and colleagues. "You're Old" uses real patient experiences to explore what happens as we age-physically, mentally, and socially. The book also examines the tremendous abilities of medicine today as well as its limits, and the social issues that adults in America face as they age. Each chapter concludes with Notes on Living Longer, and a resource section, providing topic-specific information on organizations, websites, and other expert sources that can help the reader better understand and prepare for the prize of surviving youth and middle-age: becoming old. "You're Old" is written for the aging and the aged, their children, and younger people who aspire to grow old. It is written for the physicians, nurses and other providers who care for the elderly. The experiences explored in this book include the "good news and the bad" as the inevitable ravages of age intrude into the lives of Dr Bernstein's patients. From the most mundane situations to the truly sublime, the tales illuminate the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of aging along with the diverse strategies people use to adapt to its realities.

For More Information

  • I've Got Good News and Some Bad News: You're Old is available at Amazon.
What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life?

Accomplishments I am most proud of in my life are graduating medical school and becoming a physician, raising successful children, and publishing my first book.

How has your upbringing influenced your writing?

My upbringing had a major impact on my life and writing. As I was growing up neither of my parents read very much but they were both devoted to their children and insured we all got a good education. My parents had great admiration for writers and authors and I know that inspired me in one way or another. My parents, especially my father who was a WW II combat wounded veteran imparted on me that I was capable of anything if put my mind to it.

When and why did you begin writing?

I really haven't been much of a writer until I published my first book. I had written short articles in my medical school newspaper, hospital newsletter, and was involved in writing at least one article in a professional journal. I wrote my book because I had wonderful stories to tell and lessons to share with my audience

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

My interest in writing began at my high school graduation. The graduation address was delivered by David Fisher. He had been a graduate from my high school 10 years earlier and I admired the fact that in such a short period of time he had become an accomplished writer. On that day I vowed to write and publish a book one day.

When did you first know you could be a writer?  

I don't know exactly when I knew I could be a writer, but as I mentioned earlier, my parents instilled in me that I could do anything I  put my mind to.  To me, that included writing a book!  Additionally, during my medical training, I learned how to do things by following this philosophy taught by my professors; “See One, Do One, Teach One”.  I applied that philosophy to writing a book.  Once I committed myself to writing my book, I told my family, friends and patients, knowing full well that they would hold me accountable; and they did.

I have always been able to tell great stories and motivate my patients with the lessons each of the stories had. I realized that I had messages to deliver as well, in one way or another.  I decided in 2007 that I would put those messages down on paper so people other than my patients could experience what I have to say.

What inspires you to write and why?

I have been inspired by the everyday stories I have heard from patients I have treated throughout my career. Each and every story has brought me such joy and inspiration. Writing the book has taught me a lot about myself and what I needed to do to make myself become a better person and become healthier.

What genre are you most comfortable writing?

I am most comfortable writing nonfiction and using short vignettes and stories to illustrate that in the world “common things are common”, and there's a lot we can all learn about the common things in life; we don't have to look very far.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I was inspired to write my first book by the author, David Fisher. Additionally, my patients and friends who told me I had a gift of telling stories that stimulated them to ponder and become motivated to make major life-changing decisions.

Who or what influenced your writing once you began?

Once I determined I was going to write, I was influenced by several great medical writers: Jerome Groopman, MD, Naomi Reman, MD, Atul Gawande, MD and by the nonmedical writer Malcolm Gladwell.        

What do you consider the most challenging about writing a novel, or about writing in general?

The most challenging aspects of writing has been finding the time in my very busy schedule to organize my thoughts around the different stories, and translate them into sensible, coherent and meaningful material for the reader.  In addition, as a physician I have always held myself to a higher standard of getting things right, and this is a challenge to “get it right the first time” as a part-time writer.      

Did writing this book teach you anything and what was it?

It's hard to itemize all the things I learned while writing my book.  It took five years to write and during that period of time, I learned something new just about every day. Once I completed the book I had a great deal to learn about the publishing industry. After that, I spent at least two years learning how to market my book and prepare for my next. From the standpoint of subject matter, once I organized my chapters and dug in to the research, I learned even more about the secrets to a happy, healthier, longer life. Furthermore, there is limitless wealth of information about the subjects I plan to write about.

Do you intend to make writing a career?

I intend to continue to write and practice medicine. Over the next five years I anticipate transitioning from the day-to-day practice of medicine to more writing speaking and teaching.

Have you developed a specific writing style?

The particular writing style that I enjoy the most is telling a story about real life situations. The feedback I have received from my readers is that this style is what immediately grabbed their attention and interest in my book. Furthermore, the supplemental data and resources that follow in each chapter reinforce self-directed learning on that topic, as well as a very clear list of “Lessons to Live By”   that readers can immediately incorporate into their lives.

What is your greatest strength as a writer? 

My greatest strength as a writer at this point is my 30+ years of experience as a physician and nearly 60 years as an observer of life. I have the great fortune of having wonderful relationships with my patients who will share their innermost thoughts, trials, and tribulations including their own personal flaws, and lessons they've learned.

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

My favorite quality about myself is that I am sincere, I like to laugh, and I genuinely enjoy being kind to people.

What is your least favorite quality about yourself?

My least favorite quality about myself is that I have high expectations of myself and others.

What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?

I have many favorite quotes. The following quote that stands out that I use periodically, (especially with my patients who may be in despair) is from M. Scott Peck; “Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult-once we truly understand and accept it-then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.” What I particularly like about this quote is that it has a great ability to defuse people (including myself) when expectations are high life should be fair, but it generally isn't.

David Bernstein, MD is a highly respected physician who is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics practicing in Clearwater, Florida. His 30+ years of experience have provided him with opportunities to observe and empathize with thousands of adults as they age. His compassion and ability to see the souls of his patients has compelled him to share his stories in his book “I’ve Got Some Good News and Some Bad News You’re OLD: Tales of a Geriatrician What to expect in Your 60s, 70s, 80s and Beyond” Dr. Bernstein has served as chairman of his hospital’s Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee for 20 years helping to improve patient safety and outcomes. During this period of time, he also served on the board of the local Jewish Family service and as chairman. As an associate clinical professor in the department of medicine at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, he has taught the skills he has acquired over the years to first and second year students. Dr. Bernstein has been a nursing home medical director for 20 years. He was responsible for addressing administrative and quality assurance issues. “When you give, you get back” he says about what his patients have told him and taught him about life and aging. His writing style of telling stories about his patients allows the reader to understand the complex emotions and struggles of growing older and losing independence. He lovingly tells these stories adding his own insights about this complex process. Dr Bernstein is an avid public speaker, addressing various medical topics with his colleagues and with the community at large with a focus on families facing the complex problems as they near the end of life. For More Information

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Guest Blogger: Evolution of a Writer & Meeting My Husband At The Same Time by Joel Craig

Evolution Of A Writer & Meeting My Husband At The Same Time
by Joel Craig

My history of writing has been journal writing, play and screen writing and eventually comic books.  In the early 2000’s, I started a theatre company with my friends called Off Hollywood and we wrote plays and performed them on the Hudson Avenue stage that we
rented in Hollywood. We were able to workshop plays that myself and my friends wrote. Once we are satisfied with the staged readings (so we could hear our work out loud) we would plan a production so that others could see our work. Also I met my future husband Donovan for the first time when he came in to audition for Off Hollywood  for the company. Luckily he was chosen to be part of the company. We performed together in the play, The Son’ll Come Out Tomorrow by Christopher Reidy (one of the co-founders) and the rest is history. Eventually the theatre company disbanded but our work has lived on. Reidy’s play just performed in September at the Roanoke Diversity Center in Roanoke, Virginia. Stephen Foster (another co-founder) wrote a play about Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Judy Garland fighting to play the lead in the movie version of Joan of Arc called Legends & Bridge. That play is being performed this December in Rahway, NJ at the UCPAC Hamilton Stage just twenty minutes from New York City.

After I became an RN, my work schedule was erratic. I worked every other weekend so that made performing in theatre impossible so I turned to writing short screenplays and eventually drawing cartoons about my work. I would add fantasy dream sequences about conversations I had with rock singer, Madonna so that my writing was not just about work. Why her? Because I’ve wanted to be like her my whole life. She is a successful business woman who is also creative and even she, the most famous woman in the world, is a failed actor. Adding fun and imagination into my story really opened my writing up. And I could go to the moon and back and not spend a dime. I didn’t just write about two people on a stage or film screen but I could go anywhere and do anything and not worry about if I could fit it onto a stage or having a runaway film budget.  The possibilities were endless. That excited me. My cartoons were easier to share with the world. The cartoons were on paper so anyone could read it at anytime, not just on the weekends at the Hudson Avenue theatre in Hollywood.

Another factor which was a key to my writing at the time when I first became a nurse was that I started working on the night shift. Most of my friends worked during the daytime so not only was I working at night but I was isolated from my friends. Donovan worked nights too but one time (luckily only 2-3 months) he worked on the nights that I was home and vice versa. More isolation. Yuk.

My graphic novel started out as two booklets called zines. Each zine had thirty-six pages. I took my zines to comic book shops and they carried my work on consignment. That is when the store agrees to sell your work and the two of you decide on what money percentages each gets. Usually it is a 50/50 split where the author gets 50% and the store gets 50%.  In some cases the author gets 60% and the store gets 40%. I like that one better. Meltdown comics on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood sold my comics which sold alright. Sales were slow. I may have sold ten comic books. But I just got Skylight Books in Los Feliz (which is right next door to Hollywood) to carry my graphic memoir Welcome To Nursing HELLo, a Graphic Memoir on consignment. This happened only a few weeks ago so I will wait and see what happens.

One store that worked well for me was  this store online called Microcosm Publishing, which also sold zines and books on consignment on the Internet. I sent them one of my zines not thinking they would want to carry them but they did! I was excited. Since they started carrying my work around 2010 I have probably sold 150-200 zines. (I really need to keep close track of my inventory but I admit I am unorganized.) I won’t be quitting my day job over this but I am excited that people are reading my work.

Would I have written my 190 page graphic memoir if I had not become an RN ? Who knows. But I have my book that people can enjoy. My book is funny and has non-nursing things in there such as: an awful job interview, the “Mood Swing”, fighting with my husband in Venice and why I made Madonna cry. So run (don’t walk) to a computer terminal to order my book on Amazon and if you are a writer keep writing.

JOEL CRAIG is a nurse who works at a busy hospital in Los Angeles and lives with his husband, Donovan. They have been married twice with the second time finally being legal. In addition to writing about nursing, Joel is also an actor, having appeared in the films, Sideshow and Sordid Lives. Currently
he is acting in the web series, What’s My Intention? He's working on his next graphic novel, Vampire Nurse in Hollywood

His latest book is the graphic memoir/nonfiction, Welcome to Nursing HELLo: A Graphic Memoir.

For More Information

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Pieces of Me by Daron Kenneth

Title: Pieces of Me
Genre: Poetry
Author: Daron Kenneth
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pages: 108
Language: English
ISBN - 978-1-46852-289-1

Pieces of Me, is Daron Kenneth's newest offering of poetry that takes the reader on the real and often surreal ride through the mindscape of the author's soul. Pieces of Me is an electric journey into some of life's richest and most memorable moments.

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Author, Daron Kenneth, a teacher, writer, play wright and poet gives us his current collection of poetry and insightful observations about the things that mean the most: life, love, friendships and relationships.

The Straw That Broke Book Blitz - Win $25 Amazon Gift Card!

We're happy to be hosting Tom Whalen and his The Straw That Broke Book Blitz today!

About the Book:

In his rollicking new novel, THE STRAW THAT BROKE, author Tom Whalen continues his ENCYCLOPEDIA MOUSE series, a challenging and funny roller-coaster ride through the outer margins of science-fiction, philosophy, and word play. Readers who reveled in previous books in the series, such as THE CAMEL’S BACK (called “the Moby-Dick of mice” by poet and critic R.H.W. Dillard) and ROITHAMER’S UNIVERSE (which science-fiction writer Rudy Rucker termed “giddy fun”), are sure to greet the arrival of THE STRAW THAT BROKE with anticipation and joy. Lovers of such visionary writers as Kafka, Borges, Vonnegut, Lewis Carroll, and Douglas Adams (THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE series) also will find a kindred spirit in Tom Whalen, as will readers of all tastes who are looking for a thrilling literary adventure.

The main “character” in THE STRAW THAT BROKE is the Encyclopedia Mouse, who, according to the author, “is the one creature who can save the multiverse.”  In Whalen’s synopsis of THE STRAW THAT BROKE, “Bulwer Zetford’s work-in-progress, The Cosmic Messenger, is about to take a strange turn, and the multiverse with it, when Roithamer of Relix “beads” once again and brings swirling into Zetford’s Kaduza M-mon processor the Encyclopedia Mouse … Tale twines tale as the mouse battles his Doppelgänger in cyberspace, Heidegger, in his Black Forest hut, and a hyper-crazed Roithamer. Death is everywhere, but the mouse, birling (if only barely) in his Binding Nexus Drive, is determined to narrate the universes away from their demise.”

Whalen describes his style as “playful, parodic, philosophical, lyrical. I wanted THE STRAW THAT BROKE to be thick with character and plot and at the same time alive with language.”

“The word play is part of the novel’s texture, as well as being embedded into the plot and character of the mouse,” Whalen also explains. “No need for the reader to pick up all the formal play. It’s enough that this exists on a subliminal level.”

Whalen’s ultimate goal, he says, is to have the Encyclopedia Mouse books published in one volume “and eventually turned into a wide-screen baroque masterwork of cinema.”

In the meantime, THE STRAW THAT BROKE is available in print, ready to delight all readers.

What the critics are saying about the ENCYCLOPEDIA MOUSE series:

 “Pollinates post-cyber-punk with headier poetry than the genre has yet known.”
Andrei Codrescu
Author and NPR commentator

“Storytelling which is subtly, wickedly funny.”
The New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Tom Whalen is one of the most gifted and prolific of contemporary American avant-garde writers … a master of this genre.”
George Garrett
Dictionary of Literary Biography

“Tom Whalen twists our notions of what is real.”
Christine Spivey
New Orleans Review

172 pages.
Softcover, $13.46; ISBN:  13-978-0692259436
Publication date: August 1, 2014
Published by Black Scat Books
Available at amazon.com, Black Scat Books.

About the Author: 

Tom Whalen is a novelist, short story writer, poet and critic who has written for Agni, Asymptote, Bookforum, Brooklyn Rail, Chicago Review, The Iowa Review, Film Quarterly, The Literary Review, the Washington Post and other publications. His books include Dolls, Elongated Figures, The Birth of Death and Other Comedies: The Novels of Russell H. Greenan, and the novels Roithamer’s Universe and The President in Her Towers. Whalen currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany, where he teaches film at the State Academy of Art and Design. See author on You Tube at: http://youtu.be/DIpaGoH4mJg.

His latest book is the science fiction, The Straw That Broke.

Visit his website at www.tomwhalen.com.


Tom Whalen is giving away one $25 Amazon Gift Card!

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Guest post by Ed Grizzle, author of It's Your Decision

It's Your Decision
Title: It’s Your Decision
Author: Ed Grizzle
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 128
Genre: Family Relationships/Parenting
Format: Ebook
Purchase at AMAZON
Children are gifts from God, but parenting those children can often be a difficult task. In It’s Your Decision, author Ed Grizzle shows how parenting can be successful when it’s carried out according to God’s plan.
Using his life’s experiences as a guide, Grizzle explores the importance of making the right decisions in life—from choosing the right lifestyle and the right mate and to raising children according to what God has planned for you. It’s Your Decision discusses
• planning for children;
• knowing what children need;
• being aware of the important years in a child’s life;
• understanding that children will test parents;
• valuing the role of grandparents;
• dealing with abused children;
• communicating openly and honestly;
• clarifying family roles.
Grizzle presents a guide to strengthening lives and making your family life more enjoyable. He shows how this is possible when you accept Jesus Christ into your life; he will show you the way in the difficult times.


My name is Ed and I lived a horrible childhood like many young people are living today. After meeting my wife to be, things started to change for the better. My parents didn't seem to care much about me but Mary did. That is why the book was written. I wanted to tell people who are having a difficult life that a life with Jesus Christ can and will make all the difference in the world for the way you live your life. I got involved with smoking and drinking at an early age. My dad divorced my mom when I was 13 years old and that was when I committed my first burglary. That was the beginning of my criminal career.
After meeting Mary and getting married, my life turn completely around. Mary introduced me to Jesus Christ and we were both baptized into Him and started to live for Him, not necessarily for ourselves. We raised our children and they are now raising their children the same way we raised them. Bottom line is this. If we live according to Jesus Christ's way, we can have a beautiful life. Mary and our family did. So can you. The decision is up to you.

Ed Grizzle started a ministry called It’s Your Decision that helps addicts, prostitutes, and others who face difficult circumstances. He and his late wife, Mary, raised two children. Grizzle currently lives in Illinois

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Would a Maharajah Sleep Here? by Stephen and Leanne Troy Book Feature

Title: Would a Maharajah Sleep Here?
Author: Stephen and Leanne Troy
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 324
Genre: Memoir
Format: Paperback/Kindle

 Inspired by a movie, television show, book, or stories from friends, we may find ourselves daydreaming about trips to exotic locations with exciting adventures. For some lucky ones, these dreams become reality. Would a Maharajah Sleep Here? presents firsthand stories of luxury travel and discovery by two fun and experienced travelers. Authors and travelers Stephen and Leanne Troy provide accounts of historic exploration, luxury hotel stays, and encounters with interesting people around the world. Each trip is private and planned in great detail to make sure each and every adventure is unique and experienced in five-star luxury. Chronicling their exploits at the end of each day, the Troys describe checking into the finest hotels in the world and getting whisked away for incredible tours of some of the world’s greatest treasures. In addition to personal anecdotes, this travelogue shares information about sites, history, culture, and food in countries around the world. The Troys reveal the good, the bad, and, of course, the fun and funny events that they encountered on their trips around the globe.

Stephen Troy earned a BBA from the University of Miami in Florida. He is the founder, owner, and CEO of AeroFund Financial. He is also the author of Business Biographies: Shaken, Not Stirred … With a Twist. He and his wife, Leanne, have visited six continents and more than forty countries. They have three children, two grandchildren, and live in Carmel, California.