Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Transformational Dentristry by Zack Zaibak, author of The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles

Title: The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles
Author: Zack Zaibak
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 152
Genre: Medical/Dentristry
Format: Ebook
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 We are often judged by how we look, and the first thing people notice is a smile. In The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles, author Dr. Zack Zaibak tells how modern cosmetic dentistry can transform ordinary smiles into stunning gorgeous ones. Dr. Zaibak, honored by the Consumers Research Council of America for the last five years as one of America’s top dentists, discusses important issues relating to dental health and improving your teeth, your smile, and your self-esteem. Dr. Zaibak has been featured on national and local media outlets including ABC, WGN Superstation, Fox and Univision, and has served as an expert commentator for the Chicago Sun-Times. He is also a provider of cosmetic dental care to winners of beauty pageants. People with bright, beautiful, and healthy looking smiles are seen as more attractive, competent, and happier. In fact, a dazzling, radiant smile can make all the difference in romance – as well as career success. In only two visits, you can gain a sparkling white, perfectly shaped, celebrity smile as modern innovations make your dental visit a satisfying, comfortable, and even enjoyable experience. Dr. Zack Zaibak’s all-inclusive book unveils the hidden truth about today’s state of the art choices in cosmetic dentistry for creating smile makeovers and gorgeous Hollywood Smiles, including Lumineers porcelain veneers, Invisalign metal-free braces, teeth whitening, bonding, implants, crowns, bridges, Snap-On Smiles and gum lifts. The health of your teeth and mouth affect the well-being of your entire body. The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles reveals the secrets to enhancing your teeth to produce an exquisite, engaging smile that will positively transform your self-image and your life.

Transformational Dentristry

Modern dentistry is not what it used to be, and that is extremely fortunate. In today's competitive fast-paced world, first impressions are more important than ever. We instantly judge people by their appearance and the first thing we notice is their smile. Studies show we tend to believe attractive people with beautiful, healthy smiles are more intelligent, competent, trustworthy, and enjoyable to be around. On the other hand, we form immediate negative opinions if a person's smile is unattractive with misaligned, yellowed, or even chipped or missing teeth. Fair or not, this is reality.

Fortunately, today's leading-edge cosmetic dentistry can transform nearly anyone's teeth into a gorgeous, engaging smile more easily and in more ways than ever before! 

It is truly miraculous.

That is not the only significant change. Most people avoid going to the dentist for one primary reason: fear. Specifically, fear of anticipated pain. Yet modern dentistry is practically painless, with all types of new technologies, including lasers instead of scalpels, the Wand- a pencil-like device (rather than traditional syringe) that applies anesthetic so a patient doesn't even feel it, conscious sedation, and even ultrasonic cleaners employing sound waves to clean teeth, instead of scraping.

But most importantly, modern dentistry goes far beyond simply correcting problems such as cavities. Today, we can give you back the beautiful smile of your youth, or a much more exquisite smile than nature ever bestowed upon you.

Leading edge technologies such as Lumineers porcelain veneers, Invisalign metal-free braces, implants, bonding, Snap-On Smiles, gum lifts, and power whitening have advanced cosmetic dentistry to an art form. The results are remarkable and reach far beyond a person's attractiveness. People who have been shy, quickly gain confidence and self-esteem. Many start eating better, exercising at the gym regularly, dressing more stylishly, paying more attention to makeup and hairstyles. Plus, people respond to them better. Top cosmetic dentist report patients often getting long-sought after promotions at work, greater results with clients, and vastly improved romantic lives.

A radiant, dazzling smile is truly a life changer. 

 Zack Zaibak, MS, DDS, is a licensed general dentist in the state of Illinois and one of the top practitioners of advanced cosmetic dentistry in that state. Honored by the Consumer Research Council of America as one of America’s Top Dentists, Zaibak has the latest advanced training and certification in Lumineers, Invisalign, and laser surgery.

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