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Why I Wrote The Ride, by Kayla Davidson

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The Ride Title: The Ride
Author: Kayla Davidson
Publisher: Virtuous Books for Kids
Pages: 32
Genre: Children's
Format: Paperback/Hardcover

 Learning to ride a bicycle is a risky challenge for Olivia. She avoids this risk and even turns down ice cream, her favorite snack. What will encourage Olivia to overcome her fear and take a chance? The Ride gives children hope and understanding. Regardless of the size of the task or regardless of the person’s age, gaining strength and courage from the Lord is only a prayer away. In this, her second book, Kayla Davidson creates a fun, playful way to teach children how to include God in their everyday lives.

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    Why I Wrote The Ride:

The Ride focuses on overcoming obstacles of all sizes in your life.  We all encounter obstacles
                such as doubt, worry, fears, and so much more.  The Ride encourages children to include God
              when facing these tribulations.

               It is comforting to know there is no problem too small for God.  The Ride demonstrates God's   
               desire for children to include Him in their everyday journey on this ride we call life.  In the
               book, Olivia's faces the challenge of learning to ride a bike. She fabricates several excuses to
               avoid riding, and eventually turns to the Lord in prayer.

Goals when writing The Ride:

girl reading.jpg

Provide a wholesome book for children.

 phil 4 13.png
Introduce children to Philippians 4:13

include God everyday.jpg

Demonstrate God’s desire to include him in our everyday lives

God is always there-1.png
Provide children with hope. We all encounter problems in our life, but we can turn to the Lord with our troubles. God is always there, waiting to help.

Image Lifelong reader.jpg
We all do things at different times in our lives. The Ride reassures children, it is ok to accomplish tasks on your own time. 

Pg 18 (pic 7) ride.jpg
           Illustration by Kim Felts
How do we turn to God? We can turn to God by praying, which does not need to be a formal conversation.

                Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to share with you why I wrote The Ride. I pray the
                 book brings hope and understanding into the life of your child.

Kayla self port 1 2015 (2)Kayla Davidson is the author of "The Ride" and "Daddy’s Little Squirrel".Kayla Davidson grew up in a small ranching community in Texas andattended Texas A&M University. Kayla graduated from Angelo State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  While at Angelo State University, Kayla was a member of the educational honor society Kappa Delta Phi and served as president. Kayla is actively in her local community through the school system, service organizations, and her local church.  Kayla is currently serving on the West Texas Rehabilitation’s Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board for the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health. Kayla lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys reading, gardening, playing the piano, and “helping” her husband on the ranch.

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