Friday, June 26, 2015

Never Die Alone by Lisa Jackson Book Review

Title: Never Die Alone
Author: Lisa Jackson
Publisher: Zebra
Pages: 480
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Format: Kindle/Hardcover/Paperback

Never Drop Your Guard

It should be the best day of their lives. Too bad they never get to see it. On the cusp of their twenty-first birthday, he strikes. His victims are always twins, their ritualistic murders planned in exquisite detail, down to the moment when they breathe their last together…

Never Close Your Eyes

A possibly innocent man is in prison, and Brianna Hayward needs to convince the New Orleans police. Not just to free her cousin, but to save others who will suffer until the true culprit is found. Reporter Jase Bridges is intrigued. It’s a story that could make his career—as long as Brianna never guesses the secret in Jase’s past…

…Or You’ll Never See Him Coming

Detective Rick Bentz had doubts about the “21” conviction when he worked the case in L.A. Now the real murderer may be loose in Bentz’s backyard. Twin sisters from All Saints College have vanished on the eve of their twenty-first birthday. And as Bentz and his partner, Reuben Montoya, desperately follow the trail, a killer prepares to unite his next victims in death forever…

My Review

I have been a huge fan of Lisa Jackson's for quite some time so when I saw her latest novel available on Netgalley I jumped at the chance to read it. And I wasn't disappointed.

This book centers around two killers - the 21 killer, who abducts twins right before their 21st birthday and kills them, and Father John, a killer who dons the attire of a priest and murders his victims with a specialized rosary.

Brianna Hayward is a twin...a twin who lost her sister to a drowning years before. She runs a group, The Twinless Twins Group, for twins who suffer the same loss. Her cousin has been convicted as the 21 Killer but she believes he is innocent, not that he doesn't have issues that would lead people to believe he might have done it, including the intense dislike he had for his twin sisters who were killed. But, when her friend and fellow twinless twin Selma's twin girls go missing the night of their 21st birthday, Brianna knows that her suspicions are right, and 21 has struck again.

Jase Bridges is a distraction she isn't sure she is ready for. Her high school crush turned crime reporter, she knows that working together to find the girls and prove that her cousin is innocent might be her best chance. Now if she can only squash the feeling that seem to be surfacing, she'll be just fine. But Jase has a dark secret of his own, a secret involving Brianna's twin from years ago, one that is threatening to come out unless he can keep his drunken father at bay.

This book kept me turning pages until the very end. I didn't guess all of the twists, only a few. The only thing that was a slight disappointment is that one of the killers isn't found...on to the next book I'll go.

4 stars

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