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Interview with Linda Seger Th.D., author of Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success


Title: Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success 
Author: Linda Seger, Th.D. 
Release Date: September 8, 2015 
Publisher: Haven Books 
Genre: Religion & Spirituality 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Dr. Linda Seger provides key advice for creating personal success based on core spiritual values. Sharing experiences and insights gained through her own spiritually based and highly successful career, she shows both how general opinion and world thought would tend to pull us into a success paradigm based on succeeding at the expense of others. Instead, she shows how we can gain our goals with even greater success by adhering to spiritual values, step by step.

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Did something specific happen to prompt you to write this book?

WHEN I was beginning my career, my spiritual issues revolved around learning to trust God, discerning my calling, trying to get over anxiety and trying to find some peace of mind in the middle of financial and career struggles. When I started to become successful and my business began to do very well - beyond my wildest dreams - I discovered a whole new set of spiritual issues that went with success. I had never seen a book written about these issues - so I wrote it. 

Who is your biggest supporter?

My Husband who thinks I'm wonderful! 

Do you have any rituals you follow when finishing a piece of work?

More expensive Champagne when I get a book sale and when the book comes out! Regular cheap champagne for good occasions along the way. 

What are you currently working on?

I'm revising some of my previous books - updating them, adding chapters, etc. to Jesus Rode a Donkey, From Script to Screen: The collaborative art of filmmaking and later this year, When Women Call the Shots: the developing power and influence of Women in Television and Film.

Do you have any advice for writers or readers?

Have a writing discipline - whether it's 2 mornings A week, or weekends, or from 6-8 am - whatever you can do, but do it consistently. 

Is there an author that inspired you to write?

The Nancy Drew novels. I decided to be A writer when I was 10 and wrote my first "novel" when I was 13 - called "Song of Four Sisters" and was a modernization of Little Women - but far shorter.

What are some of your long term goals?

I want to write more books! I have ideas for a number of other spiritual books - and feel I can connect with readers through many of the universal spiritual themes that relate to our lives. 

What do you feel has been your greatest achievement as an author?

For my screenwriting books, a great achievement is influencing some of the most successful writers and directors in the film industry. Ron Howard said he has used my book, Making a Good Script Great on all his films, starting with Apollo 13. For my spiritual books - it's hearing that the book has been inspiring and made a difference in someone's life. 

What do you feel is your biggest strength?

Not giving up!

Biggest weakness?

Trying to resolve every problem or frustration in my life, and in the chaotic world. I keep working on having a sense of Peace around problems and turning things over to God right away - not after I churn with it for a week or month or longer. 

What do you feel sets this book apart from others in the same genre?

I'm Not sure there are other books on this topic.I have been told by readers that every page rings true and is clearly lived experience. 

You know the scenario – you’re stuck on an island. What book would you bring with you and why?

I'd bring 2 books - the Bible and Shakespeare's complete works. The Bible contains all the great stories and themes and insight into the human and divine condition and inspiration for getting through. Shakespeare has so many of the great themes of human experience - and he said everything so well and with such depth and subtext. One could spend many years mining his treasures. 

Is there anything you regret doing/not doing?

I made a decision in my 20's that I wanted to live life without regrets. I went back to horse-back riding in 1991 because I knew I would regret if it if I didn't - and did one-week riding vacations for 12 years, got my first horse when I was 58 and did competitive horse shows for 10 years. 

Linda Seger  Dr. Linda Seger has a background in both drama and theology. She has focused her career as an international script consultant, seminar leader in the area of screenwriting, and author of books on screenwriting. In the last eight years, she has also been writing books on spirituality. Her two newest, in their second editions, are Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians Are Democrats, which is a kind and non-polarizing look at how spirituality and politics intersect, and the highly acclaimed, Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success: Gaining the Goal Without Losing Your Soul. Wm. Paul Young (author of The Shack) says: As an elder in the art of life, Linda Seger brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to help us understand true success and how to navigate its adventures. She is the author of 12 books, 9 on screenwriting and 3 on spirituality. Her web site is

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