Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Interview with Tenisha Collins, Author of THE SEX DARE: A MARRIED COUPLES' 21 DAY GUIDE TO GREAT SEX

Tenisha N. Collins is an author, accountant, editor & proofreader, speaker, entrepreneur and marriage coach. She recently published two devotionals, focusing on parenting & marriage, which can be found on Amazon, Apple Books, Kindle, Thriftbooks, Walmart, Kobo and other online platforms.
A graduate of the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business, she holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting.

When Tenisha’s not preparing corporate and individual income taxes at the firm where she works part-time, she is balancing her mom life with her wife and entrepreneur life.

Founder of Strong Marriage, a Facebook Christian support group designed to give its members the tools necessary to obtain & maintain a strong marriage, Tenisha is passionate about families functioning as God purposed. Tenisha lives in Thousand Oaks, California (USA) with her husband of 27 years, their four children and grandson.

Visit her website, TenishaCollins.Com, to learn more or to join her community.


Website: http://www.TenishaCollins.Com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TenishaCollins4
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.Com/AuthorTenishaCollins

Author: Tenisha Collins
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 82
Genre: Christian Nonfiction

  Sex is great and feels real, real good! Societal trends advocate doing whatever feels good, including having sexual intercourse with someone you are not married to. The limelight shining on sex isn’t a good one. It’s almost impossible to find positive models of sex while married, in any medium, today. Television sitcoms, movies, magazines, romance novels, gossip radio, and talk shows all highlight marriages consumed with infidelity, trust issues, dehumanizing sex or a lack of sexual intimacy. Most mediums imply that singles are the ones having the best sex of their lives and, if they do marry, great sex ends after the honeymoon. But the truth is, God has reserved great sex for a husband and his own wife — period! This guide removes all the defective propaganda surrounding sex so that a husband and wife BOTH enjoy sex without any issues. In just 21 days, married couples could be having the best, bed-breaking, intoxicatingly addictive sex with one another. Go ahead and read it…I dare you!


Amazon → https://bit.ly/SEXDARE

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I am an accountant, editor/proofreader and marriage coach as well as an author, mother, grandmother and Girl Scout troop leader. I keep busy with my businesses and try to carve out time to relax at the beach with my family.

When did you start writing?

I started writing around 2005 and made it one of my professions in 2017.

Pivotal Point in your writing life?

When I completed my first book, I asked my children to write the foreword. My heart was touched hearing how proud they were of my accomplishment and how excited they were to see my book in the hands of my readers, bringing value to their lives. I’d say that that day was a pivotal point in my writing life.

If you could go anywhere…where and why?

If I were able to travel anywhere in the world to write my next book, I’d choose the Maldives. The Maldives are romantic, beautiful and secluded; the perfect ingredients to write a book on sex! No matter what the topic, ocean waves, beautiful sunsets and tranquility are great writing motivators.

If you had 4 hours of extra time, what would you do?

I would spend an hour writing, an hour laying in my husband’s arms relaxing and spend the remaining two hours with my kids on the beach! On other days, I would use all four hours to write or be alone with my husband; it just depends on my deadlines, responsibilities and the mood of the day.

Where would you like to set a story that you haven’t done yet?

I’d consider setting a story in climates I don’t necessarily want to live in; Alaska, for example. I think it would be cool to use my imagination not only for the plot but for everything including the location and characters attire.

Back to your present book, The Sex Dare: A Married Couples’ 21 Day Guide to Great Sex, how did you publish it?

I chose to self-publish my book with the help of Amazon KDP.

In writing your book, did you go anywhere to research?

I had no need to travel anywhere for research. All my research comes from actual counseling and coaching sessions from my virtual marriage support group, my 27 years of marriage and the Bible.

Why was writing, The Sex Dare: A Married Couples’ 21 Day Guide to Great Sex, so important to you?
It was vital that I write The Sex Dare for all the wives who felt like they had no right to enjoy sex, were too tired to have sex and who thought of sex as a weapon or chore. I wrote it to help husbands understand that their behavior affects their wives’ sex drive, and that past hurts, ineffective communication and busted finances negatively affect sexual performance. I wrote it to assist couples in creating an atmosphere conducive to creating and maintaining intimacy thereby increasing the frequency and enjoyment of sex. In essence, I wrote it to completely alter their perception of sex altogether.

Where do you get your best ideas and why do you think that is?

I get my best ideas for books while commuting to work or sitting at my desk. I think ideas come to me then because I am still and have a big block of time to think.

Any final words?

I am passionate about strong, successful marriages. It is my goal to get this book into the hands of every married couple as well as those who want to be married. It is my heartfelt hope that my books help every couple resolve any problems experienced in the bedroom and free them to enjoy more intoxicatingly great sex more frequently. I’d love for the audience to join my virtual marriage support group on Facebook and visit my website, TenishaCollins.Com, for more information.

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