Sunday, January 9, 2022

Better Late Than Never - 2022 Reading Challenges I Hope to Complete

 Every year I pick challenges, and every year I slack excuse really, life just seems to get in the way. It isn't that I'm not reading, that's far from the case. For some reason I have let this site fall off a little and I have decided this is the year to bring it back. Get back to writing reviews for all books read, any fun memes that I feel up to participating in, you just never know what might pop up. To start, these are the challenges I will participate in. Will I complete them? That remains to be seen. But, I am going to have fun trying. 

In the past I have created separate post for each challenge. That I don't have time for. But, when I write a review I will post which challenge it fits. I hope you will join me in some of these.

Happy Reading!

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge. Fill your bowls with one book for each letter of the Alphabet

Alphabet Soup – Author Edition Reading Challenge. The challenge is to read one book that has an author whose first name or last name starts with every letter of the alphabet.

Backlist Reader Challenge. Read books that have been published before 2021 AND are already on your TBR list or pile.

Beat the Backlist Challenge. The Beat the Backlist reading challenge is designed to help you tackle all the books you keep meaning to read and still haven’t.

Beyond the Bookends 2021 Reading Challenge. This challenge features 12 categories – 1 for each month – that will inspire your reading journey for the road ahead.

Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge. Read any book that is from the mystery, suspense, thriller, or crime genre.

Finishing the Series. This challenge is focused on finally finishing those series that you’ve started but not yet completed.

Linz The Bookworm 2021 Reading Challenge. There are different levels, and different categories in each level. There are a lot of options but this reading challenge will also help challenge you to come out of your comfort zone. Get reading!

Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge. Your task is to read at least one book each month whose title includes one or more of the keywords for that month. This challenge is hosted here at Girlxoxo!

Monthly Motif Reading Challenge. Read a book that corresponds to one of the themes or motif provided each month. This challenge is hosted here at Girlxoxo!

Mount TBR. Knock out some of those books you OWN that have been waiting in the wings for weeks … months … even years.

Netgalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of NetGalley/Edelweiss books sitting on your shelf to be read? Have you lost your 80% rating and would love to get it back? Then challenge yourself to read more NetGalley and/or Edelweiss books.

The Nerdy Bookworm 50 Books a Year Reading Challenge. Read 50 books by picking one for each of the prompts, or complete the BINGO!

The Nerd Daily Reading Challenge. Consisting of 52 challenges, you could potentially read a book a week from the printable prompts, or read any time throughout the year.

Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks. The goal is to read 52 books this year. How you get there is up to you, but there are also 4 challenges along the way – a 52 Books BingoA to Z and Z to A Word of the Week to stir your creativity, Books about Books Bookology for the author of the month reading and spelling challenge and Crime Spree which will take us around the world, following in the footsteps of detectives of all ages. 

Stacked Reviews 2021 Reading Challenge. Choose a book for each of the 20 reading challenge prompts.

Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge. The goal is to read at least ONE book from your TBR every month. It can be an ARC, ebook, audiobook or print – your choice. Any reading is good reading!

TBR Challenge 2022. Pull out long neglected books from your “to be read” list, following the theme of the month – and read. Share with #TBRChallenge

TBR 22 in ’22. The goal is to read 22 books from your TBR shelves in 2022.

Virtual Mount TBR Reading Challenge. This challenge is for all those folks with mile-long “wish-list” of TBRs who would like a chance to climb as well – similar to the Mount TBR Challenge.

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