Friday, October 4, 2013

Upir and the Monster Gang by Sharron and Raymond Thornton

CONTACT:  Sharron Thornton
CELL PHONE:  219-765-9302

A mother/son duo wrote and illustrated a novel about young monster kids who go through everyday conflicts that human children go through:  happiness, fear, anger and uncertainty. “Upir and the Monster Gang” is a story full of exciting adventure as the young monsters have to dodge flying skulls, flee from a mad scientist, avoid monster eating plants and stay away from Muriel, a young gorgon girl with slithering snakes for hair. As the leader of three cantankerous creatures, she is on a mission:  controlling all the young monsters and getting rid of Upir and his gang.

Sharron Thornton is the writer and her son, Raymond, is the illustrator. Even though the storyline is great, it is the illustrations that draw the reader into this magical world of monsters, ghosts, witches, magic and mayhem. 

Raymond graduated from the American Academy of Art and Columbia College in Chicago. He worked for fifteen years at an advertising studio before leaving to follow his dream of painting beautiful portraits and illustrating awesome stories. He was commissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Cubs, and K-Mart where he designed the Halloween displays for their nationwide campaign. For two years he delighted children with his creepy characters.

If you would like to see some of Raymond’s artwork and read about this delightful book, go online to Kickstarter and follow the road toward a wonderful adventure story. “Upir and the Monster Gang” is up and running on Kickstarter now and will continue until November 16th.

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