Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jade Lee and her alter ego

Have you ever met someone and totally clicked with them?  This has happened a few times in my life, and one of those times was with author Jade Lee.  If any of you have ever met Jade, you will know her as a vibrant, exuberant, wildly funny woman.  She is such a firecracker, I don't believe I have ever met anyone like her.  I count myself extremely lucky to be able to call her a friend.

I was at Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation luncheon this last weekend and knew I was going to see her. I was pretty excited, and even though I wasn't able to sit at her table, we did get a chance to chat for some time.  I bought two of her books (what kind of friend would I be if I didn't help support her) and she gave me an awesome gift!

Dang sun - hard to see but the books above are:

For his whole life, Robert Percy, Viscount Redhill, has worked hard to maintain a sterling reputation. And while it's socially acceptable to seduce delectable dress designer Mrs. Mortimer, Robert learns too late the heartbreaking truth about who she used to be. No one would fault him for taking Mrs. Mortimer as his lover, but Robert knows that she should be the wife of a peer of the realm, not a mistress in hiding...

The dazzling wedding fashions of A Lady’s Favor dress shop are guaranteed to make any girl the talk of the ton. But the brides aren’t the only ones falling in love… With her parents murdered and her inheritance stolen, all Penny Shoemaker has left is her job designing handcrafted shoes for A Lady’s Favor dress shop. But that’s not enough for her to support herself or her young brother. Her only chance to regain what is rightfully hers rests with a strange but brilliant gent with a weakness for damsels in distress.
Samuel Morrison is a dispossessed younger son searching for his place in the world. When Penny’s predicament literally lands at his feet, he sets his keen detective skills to solving her mystery. But she fills more than his time—she fills his heart. How can a lost man solve the mystery, win the girl, and create a life not only for himself, but for her as well? The answer may be just a favor away...

If you haven't read anything by her, you really should.  You can find her books on Amazon, or visit her webpage at for more information. But, the title of the post is Jade Lee and her alter ego and you are probably wondering why.

Jade also writes under the name Kathy Lyons. She has a new book coming out at the end of the month, Dream Nights with the CEO - you can pre-order it on Amazon....go on, do it!  I have also created a countdown widget that is in my sidebar, if you want to help support a fabulous author and amazing lady, please grab it and add it to yours.  And let me know what you think - have you ever met someone who amazed you, right from the minute they started talking?  I'd love to hear more!


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