Monday, July 8, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 1

Good books and Good Wine is hosting a challenge that I just couldn't help but join in on - a 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge.  The details are below:

Let’s kick this challenge off and get some things off our chests. Friends, I have some bookish quirks and habits and secrets and literally cannot wait to share them with you all, also I can’t wait to learn about your bookish confessions in return. This post is part of a 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge that I started because I was feeling burnt out and then inspired. Check out the challenge here. 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Day 1: Make 15 book-related confessions.

  1. I am not a fan of the sparkly vampire.  Forgive me for wanting my vampire to be more true to their given personality.  The closest I'll get is Louis from Interview with a Vampire. 
  2. Even though I try my best not to, I still judge a book by its cover...a lot! 
  3. I won't read anything that is too Christian based - blame it on my Catholic upbringing. 
  4. I constantly experience TBR guilt. 
  5. I have so many books that I sometimes sneek in more without telling my hubby. He never knows any different. 
  6. We had to hire movers the last time we moved. My husband said he would never lug all those books around again 
  7. I have a Nook, Kindle, and iPad and told my hubby it would stop me from buying physical copies as much. I lied. 
  8. I love YA and paranormal so YA Paranormal is one of my favorite genres.
  9. Stephen King will always be my favorite author. I don't love every book he has ever written but I think his writing is to be rivaled. It is because of him that the horror/suspense genre will always be my favorite.
  10. I try to wait until a series is finished before I start reading it. I like to do the same thing with tv shows. There is something about being able to have the books stacked next to you ready to read.  
  11. Ebooks will never replace physical books for me...never. But, I do have a lot of ebooks to read:) 
  12. When someone tells me they don't like to read one of two thoughts hits me - A. What is wrong with you? There must be something out there you would like or B. What books can I recommend that will change their mind. 
  13. When I look at shelves of books I get a little sad because I know I will probably not read some of them. There is just not enough time in the day and I know I won't stop buying them. 
  14. I think I might be the only person in the world who hasn't read Harry Potter.  And the sad thing is? I'm ok with that. It's not that I think I won't like it, there are just so many other books that are high on my list, with more added all the time. 
  15. I won't watch a movie if it is based on the book. I don't want my view of the book skewed by the characters and plot that the movie portrays.  That has happened a few times and made me pretty upset.

What about you - are any of these familiar? I'd love to know!


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