Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Improper Conduct by Isabel Roman Book Feature


One month on the job--that was all Detective Jules Marshall had with the LAPD but already she knew two things: 1. Her move from San Francisco was the best move she’d ever made. 2. Sleeping with her sexy as hell boss would be a big mistake. That didn’t stop her from wanting him or from acknowledging the same spark of need in his eyes. And Captain Callum Archer had eyes that devoured her. But when a trio of bank robbers picks LA as their target, her attraction to Callum takes a back seat. She’s seen this pattern before and confides in Callum her suspicions. She thought the case had gone cold until it heated in spectacular fashion; the bank robbers who blew up a car inside a building and killed at least five people have similar crimes back in San Francisco. The problem? She has no proof to go with her suspicions. Despite Callum’s objections, and the increasing temptation to give into her incredibly improper feelings for her captain, Jules plans to push ahead with an extremely unorthodox plan--date the killer. Callum isn’t happy. Jules is the one woman he’d break all the rules for and he’s more than willing to do so to keep her in his life. When she puts herself in the crosshairs of a psychotic killer, there isn’t anything he won’t do to protect her. But can he keep her safe and still catch the killer? Or will their improper relationship get in the way of their jobs?  


A historical loving, movie watching, occasionally paranormal, mostly romantic suspense writer with way too many ideas and so little time to write them all down. You can visit Isabel at IsabelRoman.com and enter to win an Amazon Kindle Fire HD!

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