Friday, November 15, 2013

Map to Happiness by The Reverend Peter K. Stimpson Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Title: Map to Happiness Genre: Inspirational/Self-Help Author: The Reverend Peter K. Stimpson Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 206 Language: English What is my purpose? How can I be happy? For thousands of years, people have pondered these big questions, often finding the answers elusive. In Map to Happiness, Peter Stimpson, an Episcopal priest and experienced therapist, doesn't claim to have all the answers. Still, he generously shares a wealth of wisdom he has learned by counseling and ministering to people for more than thirty-five years. Stimpson anchors happiness in a pyramid of principles: insecurity, power, and success. He explains that by understanding everyone is insecure, we can take back our power from others to define our worth and reach for success in lasting values, not things. His message is clear: who you become is more important than what you attain. Stimpson illustrates the power of his trilogy by answering today's ubiquitous questions related to love of yourself, your spouse, your children, and life's challenges of stress, work, illness, anger, and death. Using both spiritual and psychological perspectives, Stimpson frankly discusses how we stray off the path to happiness, but more important, how we can get back on track. If you are confused or lost, open this map and begin your journey. You'll find help sifting through confusing issues with easy-to-understand explanations and ready-to-use solutions.

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Peter K. Stimpson is an Episcopal priest and a licensed clinical social worker. He has counseled people from all walks of life since 1972, has written a popular advice column since 1983, and is the director of Trinity Counseling Service in Princeton, New Jersey.

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