Friday, November 22, 2013

Obsession by Selina Elliot Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Title: Obsession
Genre: Literary Fiction
Author: Selina Elliot
Publisher: Authorhouse
Pages: 586
Language: English

Tessa knew that she deserved the fate that had befallen her. The decision to run away from a father who hated her and a marriage she wanted no part of was entirely hers. Certainly the outcome was her responsibility. So why did she keep trying to escape her life? Had she not learned that her master's control was absolute? Escape would never be possible. And yet, when a trip across the ocean presented an unlikely opportunity, she didn't hesitate. But was Tessa reaching too far? Was redemption impossible? Even as a child Trey understood that there was no law to protect a slave against the whims of a white man. So there would be no justice for his family unless he took matters into his own hands. As an adult Trey swore that there would be nothing that would keep Baron Henley safe from his revenge. But even well laid plans could go awry. Particularly when his attention was diverted to the bewildering, raven-haired beauty he impulsively abducted.

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Being raised in the prairies may not sound adventurous, but Selina Elliot believes it to be an environment that nurtures the imagination. "I grew up befriending dragons and flying on eagle's wings," she tells. Today she grabs at every opportunity to experience life. "The key to a great story", she claims, "is when we relate to the characters. Every experience I have, I know someone else has had. I give my characters those same experiences. Though for the story I usually amplify the situations." Writing is a passion for Selina. Every day she finds time whether it's jotting down a few notes, or staying up all night. She draws motivation from the words of Abraham Lincoln; "Whatever you are, be a good one"

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