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The Girl in the Glass by James Hayman Book Review

The Girl in the Glass

Title: The Girl in the Glass
Publication Date: August 25, 2015
Publisher: Witness Impulse
Formats: Ebook, Paperback, Audible
Pages: 384
Genre: Mystery/Suspense


Two identical women.

Two identical murders. Two lives brutally cut short

108 years apart

June 1904.

Aimée Garnier Whitby, a beautiful French artist and wife of one of Maine's richest and most powerful men, is found near death on the Whitby family's private summer island, the letter "A" mysteriously carved into her chest.

June 2012.

Veronica Aimée Whitby, the eighteen-year-old descendant and virtual double of the first Aimée, becomes the victim of a near perfect copycat murder. With another beautiful, promising young Whitby woman slain, the media begin to swarm and pressure builds for Mike McCabe and Maggie Savage to bring the killer quickly to justice. But the key to solving Aimée's death just might have been buried with her beautiful ancestor.

The latest McCabe and Savage thriller from USA Today bestselling author James Hayman is a crackling, twisty novel of suspense, perfect for fans of J.A. Jance and John Sandford.

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My Review

This is the first novel I have read by James Hayman and I was intrigued by the premise. I have always been a sucker for anything mystery/suspense and I am glad that I requested this book as it lived up to both of these genres.

Aimee Garnier was a wealthy woman who captured the eye of Edward Whitby in France back in the late 1800s. A woman truly in a man's world, she was afforded a different kind of life due to her father's status as one of the greatest portraitists of his time. Edward became enchanted after their first meeting, and not long after they married, against the advice of both of their parents.

They lived what many would think a happy life, more money than they knew what to do with and three beautiful children. But Aimee wasn't as happy as many thought and when she turns up dead with a stab wound to the abdomen and the letter A carved into her chest things turn even more scandalous. Her lover and fellow artist, Mark Garrison, was found hanging in the cottage on Whitby Island, one of Aimee's favorite places.

Fast forward to the present and we are introduced to Veronica Aimee Whitby - also known as Aimee, a spitting image of her predecessor. Aimee has a half twin, Julie, but it is obvious that Aimee has her father's adoration. Aimee has it all, looks, money, boys and men falling all over her and an attitude to go along with it. She does what she wants when she wants. And that includes having an affair with her English teacher, Byron Knowles. But, when Aimee ends up murdered in the same way as her great grandmother, and Byron dies of what looks like a suicide, detectives begin to piece together a story that just doesn't seem to add up.

This book has a wonderful flow and all of the characters were well written. I will admit that I guessed what happened before it was revealed, although I wasn't sure of all the details. An excellent book and a new author to add to my list of favorites!

4 stars 

About James Hayman

James Hayman, formerly creative director at one of New York’s largest advertising agencies, is the author of the acclaimed McCabe and Savage series: The Cutting, The Chill of Night, Darkness First, and The Girl in the Glass.

 Find out more about James at his website and connect with him on Facebook.

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