Monday, November 16, 2015

12 Month Classics Challenge 2016

Name: 12 Month Classics Challenge 2016
Host: You, Me and a Cup of Tea
Dates: January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016
Number of Books: 12

When I was in high school (don't ask how long ago that was) I was in advanced classes and my junior year was devoted to classics. We even had to pick an author and write a thesis on their work. With that said, there are SO many classics I haven't read and thought this would be the time to try and catch up. 

Here are the details of the challenge, I hope you'll join in!

Okay, so here are the themes for each month. :)

January- A classic you've always wanted to read- Start the year off with a bang!
February- A classic you've always dreaded reading- Get that book out of the way... and who knows! You may end up loving it!
March- A classic you've been recommended- We all have those
April- A classic you've seen the movie/miniseries/TV show of- If you're like me you've probably seen quite a few film versions before being able to read the book. It's time for that book to get read!
May- An American classic
June- A British classic
July- A European classic (non-British)
August- A modern classic- Up to your interpretation
September- A children's classic
October- A classic by a female author
November- A classic by a male author
December- A classic written under a pseudonym- If you don't know which books were written under pseudonyms here's a few names to help you out. Jane Austen wrote her books under a pseudonym (by a lady) as did the Bronte sisters (published their books under male pseudonyms), George Elliot (real name Mary Ann Evans) and Agatha Christie also wrote a few books under the Pseudonym Mary Westmacott.  Men who also have written under Pseudonyms are Mark Twain (real name Samuel L. Clemens) and Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). I'm sure there's more out there but there's a few to start you out.

I am still thinking of which books I am going to read, but will update this post when I decide.



  1. Hi, I'm doing this one too. it looks like fun. And I'm hosting a challenge at my blog (my first one ever). Please take a look and let me know if you are interested:

  2. I just came up with a few ideas of books to read for my challenge. I tried to keep my suggestions for each month rather vague, but at least it's a starting point for each month.